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Policy 1415 - Salary Checks

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Department of Human Resources / Comptroller's Office

Reference: Civil Service Personnel Policy Manual

Faculty and staff employees exempt from the overtime provisions of the Federal Wage and Hour Law will receive their checks on the last day of each calendar month. Faculty employed for the nine-month academic year will receive one-ninth of the total contract beginning with September and ending with May of the academic year. Nine-month faculty may elect to participate in a twelve-month pay plan to receive their contract salary over a full twelve months. For more information concerning the twelve-month pay option, contact the Department of Human Resources.

Staff employees subject to the overtime provisions of the Federal Wage and Hour Law are paid on an hourly rate and receive a bi-weekly check every other Friday. Employees paid on an hourly rate must keep accurate records of time worked and must submit a time sheet on a bi-weekly basis.

Faculty and staff member checks written on the monthly and bi-weekly payrolls will be electronically deposited with financial institutions if a request is made in writing to the  Department of Human Resources. Otherwise, checks will be distributed in the Comptroller's Office in Keeny Hall.