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Policy 2102 - Recruitment of Faculty

Revisions Date: 6/7/2011

Responsible Office: Provost

Reference: Board of Supervisors Policies and Procedures Memoranda FS.III.II.B-1a

Recognizing the validity of the thesis that no instructional program can be better than those who do the instruction regardless of the environment, Louisiana Tech University is committed to the policy of recruitment of those individuals who have proven capabilities or who show great promise in teaching and research, without regard to race, gender, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or veteran status. Recruitment is done by the Directors/Unit Heads and the Dean of the particular discipline having a vacancy or new position. It is the responsibility of the Director/Unit Head to report to the Dean concerning a vacancy or possible vacancy. Faculty positions that become vacant are subject to reconsideration by the central administration. If approval is granted to fill a new position or a vacant position, the Director/Unit Head will initiate a search for the most qualified available candidate to fill the position. A recommendation to employ will be submitted through appropriate channels to the Provost.

In addition, the following policies have been adopted concerning the filling of faculty and administrative positions:

Tenure and Tenure-Track Hiring

  1. Committees to recommend the wording of position descriptions should be appointed by the Unit Head and approved by the Dean, with preference given to tenured faculty.
  2. Positions should be advertised in appropriate publications. Certainly the Chronicle of Higher Education (where applicable) would be an excellent source, as well as appropriate professional national journals, and job-lists for the particular field involved.
  3. The search committee, appointed by the Unit Head and approved by the Dean, should have an opportunity to review all applications and make recommendations to the Unit Head and Dean.
  4. No person holding a year-to-year non-tenure track position should be moved to a tenure or tenure-track position without following the above-mentioned procedure.

Academic Dean and Unit Head Selection

  1. At least 50% of the membership of search committees for academic Deans and Unit Heads will be composed of tenured faculty members from that College/Department/Unit. Membership of the search committee for Dean will reflect the constituences of the Dean (including a student).
  2. The search committee will review the applications and recommend qualified candidates. The full report of the search committee with any minority reports will be forwarded to the University President along with the recommendations from the Dean and Provost.
  3. The actual selection will be made by the administration with final appointing authority resting with the Board of Supervisors.