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Policy 2104 - Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund Endowed Chairs Program

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Vice President for Academic Affairs

Reference: Board of Regents

The goal of the Endowed Chairs Program is to assist colleges and universities primarily in attracting, but also in retaining, eminent scholars who, over the long term, will contribute significantly to the enhancement of the overall infrastructure of higher education in Louisiana. This Program is highly leveraged by its requirement of a three-to-one private-sector match: at least $600,000 in private-sector funds is a prerequisite to receiving Support Fund matching funds of $400,000, maximum, thereby creating a (minimal) $1 million endowed chair.There are two subprograms: the Competitive Program and the Bequest Program.

Louisiana Tech has received donor gifts and matching funds from the Board of Regents Support Fund to establish the following $1 million endowed chairs:

Complete Guidelines concerning Board of Regents Support Fund Endowed Chairs are available on the Internet: http://web.laregents.org/programs/borsf-programs/ or in the Office of Academic Affairs.