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Policy 2202 - Faculty Absences

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Provost

It is expected that faculty members will not be absent from classes or other responsibilities except in cases of illness, personal emergency, or absence that is desirable for the faculty member to meet his/her professional responsibilities. Planned absences must be approved by the Unit Head and other appropriate administrators in advance of the absence. A Unit Head should be notified as soon as possible concerning absence resulting from an emergency situation. Accurate reporting of sick leave is essential to the maintenance of personnel records.

It is the joint responsibility of the Unit Head and the faculty member to ensure that arrangements are made for covering instructional and other activities during the period of absence. It is a longstanding tradition of collegiality that a faculty member within a Department/Unit is willing to assume duties of a faculty member who is absent for a period of short duration.

Unit Heads are expected to take whatever measures are necessary to safeguard against inappropriate absence from classroom and other instructional responsibilities.