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Policy 2205 - Goals and Requirements of Each Course

Revision Date: 7/23/2009

Responsible Office: Vice President for Academic Affairs

No later than the close of the drop and add period, each student must have been provided information as listed below. The information should be electronically posted on the course management (Moodle) site for each course taught.

  1. Goals and requirements of each course, nature of course content, and methods of evaluation;

  2. Examination and other grading requirements;

  3. Class attendance requirements. (Permanent attendance records must be maintained for each class.)

The following procedure is in effect to monitor course syllabi required information:

  1. The Unit Head will verify that the three items listed above are included on the syllabus for each undergraduate and graduate course. Syllabi for courses taught at the 300- and 400-level that are offered for graduate credit will identify goals for both undergraduate and graduate students and course requirements for each level of student. The Unit Head will verify the completeness of syllabi of such courses, particularly noting the distinction of goals for undergraduate and graduate students.

  2. A current copy of each course syllabus will be retained in the Unit Head's office.