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Policy 2217 - Final Grade and Academic Appeals Procedure

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Provost

A final grade in a class represents the cumulative evaluation and judgment of the faculty member the University has placed in charge of that class. If a student feels the final grade or an academic decision in a class was not determined in accordance with University policies or was determined arbitrarily, the student may appeal the grade by following the following procedure:

  1. Confer with the faculty member, setting forth clearly all points of concern. If unsatisfied with the results of the conference, then

  2. Confer with the head of the Department in which the class is taught, setting forth clearly all points of concern. If the student remains unsatisfied, then

  3. Write a letter of appeal to the Dean of the College in which the class is taught. The Dean will send copies of the letter to the faculty member and Unit Head. This letter must (a) be received by the Dean within the first ten (10) regularly scheduled class meeting days of the term immediately following the term in which the appealed grade was received and (b) be an accurate and complete statement of all facts pertaining to the matter. Falsification may result in disciplinary action.

 The Dean may make a decision which would be final in the matter or refer the appeal to the College's committee on standards for review and recommendation. The Committee's report would be a recommendation to the Dean, whose decision would be final.

In reviewing the appeals, both the Dean and Committee would have broad latitude in their procedures and recommendations. They might, for example, request additional information privately from those involved. Or they might choose to invite specified persons, including the student and faculty member, to a meeting to discuss the matter. Whatever their approach, it should take appropriate account of the interests of both the student and the faculty member.

In the case where a grade penalty is given to a student because of academic misconduct, the student has the right to appeal the grade penalty as well as the charge of academic misconduct in accordance with the grade and academic appeals procedure.

In all cases the Dean shall communicate the final decision to the student, faculty member, Unit Head, and, if a grade change is involved, to the Registrar. In appeals where the Dean initially makes the decision, the decision should normally be communicated within ten (10) class days after the appeal deadline. When appeals are referred to the Committee, the final decision should normally be communicated by the Dean within twenty (20) class days after the appeal deadline. In all cases, the final decision must be made and communicated by the last day of classes of the term in which the appeal was filed.