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Policy 2221 - Student Evaluation of Faculty

Revision Date: 8/3/2004 
Responsible Office: Vice President for Academic Affairs 
Reference Office: Board of Supervisors; Council of Academic Deans

Faculty evaluations have two major purposes at Louisiana Tech University:

  1. To provide students an opportunity to provide input that will help faculty improve their classes.

  2. To provide administrators student input about the effectiveness of the faculty member's teaching.

The faculty, administration, and students benefit from honest, thoughtful responses by each student.

Directions for Student Evaluation Process

Distribution of Forms, Codes

  1. The Computing Center provides pre-coded student evaluation forms for each course to the respective Colleges.

  2. College or Department personnel prepare course packets by placing course evaluation forms, a small envelope, and half-page comment sheets in the designated unsealed large envelopes.

  3. Time span: Course packets are distributed to instructors in or after the eighth week of the quarter and are to be returned to the Departmental office by the last day of class.

  4. The departmental secretary prepares a log for the packets prepared and holds the packets until they are picked up by the faculty member. The date, time, and name of faculty member are recorded when the packets are delivered to the faculty member. If the faculty member has not picked up the packets by the 10th week of class, the departmental secretary reminds the faculty member that the evaluation process is required and that packets are available.

Administration of Forms

  1. Instructor locates another faculty member or graduate student to administer the evaluation in the class. If an instructor desires, the instructor may use an undergraduate student to administer the evaluation in the class; however, it is recommended that other faculty or graduate students be asked to administer the evaluation in the class.

  2. Instructor takes packet to class. Faculty member gives packet to person designated to administer the evaluation. Evaluations will be conducted at the beginning of the class period.

  3. Faculty member leaves the room while the evaluation is being administered.

  4. Designated person reads the instructions aloud to the class and distributes and collects the forms.

  5. Students use #2 pencils to complete the form.

Collection and Processing

  1. Designated person puts completed objective item evaluation forms in the large envelope and seals it. Half-page comment pages are put in the small envelope, which is also sealed by the designated person.

  2. Instructor signs across sealed flaps in presence of person who administered the evaluation. Designated person also signs across the flap.

  3. Designated person delivers sealed envelopes to departmental office. The departmental staff member records the name of the person delivering the evaluation, the date, and the time on the log sheet. The evaluation envelopes are stored in a secure location (locked file cabinet or locked box) upon receipt. In the event the office is closed, the designated person will deliver when departmental office reopens.

  4. Departments take all large unopened packets to the dean's office by the last day of classes. Small envelopes with comment responses are held in a secure location (locked file cabinet or locked box) in the departmental office until grades are turned in.

  5. Dean's office monitors the collection and stores evaluation forms until after the Computing Center processes grades.

  6. As soon as grade processing is complete, all College forms are sent to the Computing Center at the same time.

Return to Appropriate Faculty/Department

  1. Computing Center will process forms after grades have been processed and will return forms and envelopes in a batch to each Dean's office in approximately the same order as submitted. Dean's office stores evaluation forms for one quarter and then destroys old forms.

  2. Half-page comment sheets in sealed envelopes are returned to faculty after grades are turned in.

  3. Print-outs of evaluation results will be sent to Dean for distribution to instructor and Unit Head as soon after the submission of grades as possible.