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Policy 2315 - Hardship Waivers for Students Regarding Tuition and Fee Increases

Effective Date: 9/8/2011

Responsible Office: Division of Student Financial Aid

Reference: ULS Policy Number:  FB-IV.V.2

Students meeting the following criteria may apply for a waiver of the amount of an increase in tuition and fees for the award year in which increases are first applied.


In order to qualify for hardship waivers, students must;

  1. be a Louisiana resident; and

  2. be a full time student; and

  3. maintain continuing academic eligibility for federal financial aid; and

  4. qualify for Pell Grant as determined by the Department of Education; and

  5. maintain continuing federal eligibility for financial aid.


  1. The cost of attendance must be greater than the amount that may be available to the student from all forms of financial assistance.

  2. The waiver cannot be used in connection with other scholarships and waivers that partially or entirely cover the same fee increases.


  1. The waiver is applicable to fall, winter, and spring quarters of the year in which the tuition and fees are first increased.

  2. Summer quarter waivers are not available.


Students may make application to the Financial Aid Office not later than the tenth class day of the first quarter of attendance in the year for which the tuition and fee increase is effective.  Later application will be considered for future quarters within the year excluding summer.


The student must continue to meet the criteria each quarter to receive the waiver.  The waiver will be in effect for the three quarters of fall, winter, and spring.


Hardship Waiver availability will be made known as soon as approval for the increases is received.  Specific amounts and procedures for application will be made available on the financial aid web site.  Potentially eligible students will be notified of availability by email.  Other general communication modes will be utilized to make availability known.


The Division of Student Financial Aid will maintain records on the number of waiver applications received, and the number and value of awards granted.  Information shall be reported on the BOR 5 in accordance with the Board of Regents guidelines.