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Policy 4106 - Keys for Offices and Buildings

Revision Date:  6/1/2011

Responsible Office:  Operations and Maintenance 


To ensure that all University keys are accounted for and used appropriately.
To implement a tracking system for all University keys.
To ensure the safe access and security to all University buildings.


In order to obtain a key to a University building the following procedures will be required:

  1. Complete a key request form and have the form signed by the department head.

  2. All Building Master and Grand Master keys must have approval and signature of the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

  3. Submit the completed form to Physical Plant.
  4. Physical Plant will then make the appropriate key(s).  When the new key(s) is available for pick up, the employee or department representative will be contacted by email or phone. The employee will be required to come to Physical Plant Office to receive their key(s). 

  5. Keys will only be held at the physical plant for 30 days after the email notification of their availability has been sent to the person requesting the key.  If the requested key is not picked up within the 30-day time frame the key will be destroyed.  The department will still be required to pay for the key that was requested even if it is not picked up from the Physical Plant.  If the key is still required then a new key request will have to be re-submitted to the Physical Plant.  The department will be required to pay for the key again if they have to re-submit a key request because the first key was never picked up. 

  6. Before the key is given to the employee, the employee will be required to identify themselves to Physical Plant personnel by presenting their university identification card. A copy will be made and kept on file with the key request form. Once they have been positively identified, the employee will be required to sign the authorization statement on the bottom of the key request form. This authorization will acknowledge that the employee is responsible for the key and will be charged an appropriate fee if the key is lost or if it is not returned upon termination of their employment with the University. The key number and the employee name will be entered into a database in order to track University keys.

  7. Upon termination of employment for any reason the employee will be required to turn in all assigned keys to the Physical Plant. Failure to turn in University keys will result in appropriate deductions from the employee's last paycheck. Upon return of the University keys the Physical Plant personnel will give the employee a receipt stating that the keys have been turned back in. The employee can then give a copy of this receipt to Human Resource Office to avoid being charged for the keys.
  8. Departments wishing to request a key for a student will request a key be issued to their Departmental Student Key Set using the student key request form. Request for student keys will require the Department Head's signature as well as the Dean's signature. Students may not be issued a grand master key. Request for a building master key will require approval from the Vice President of Finance and Administration. The Department will be responsible for issuing, tracking, and retrieving all keys issued to students within their department. Lost Departmental Student Keys are subject to the same financial penalties that are imposed on employees who lose keys.

  9. Random key audits may be performed by a representative from the Physical Plant or from the Office of Internal Audit. During a key audit any person or department that has been issued a University key will be required to account for all issued keys.

In the event a key is lost:

  1. Report the situation to Physical Plant immediately.
  2. Physical Plant may provide a copy of the lost key and will charge the employee or Department the appropriate fee. If Physical Plant determines that a copy of the key can be made, then the employee or Department will be required to follow the procedure above for requesting a new key.
  3. For security sensitive areas it may be necessary to change the locks when a key is lost. If deemed necessary the employee or Department will be charged an appropriate fee for this service. The decision to replace the key with a copy or change locks will be determined by Physical Plant. If this is necessary all employees who have been issued this key will be issued a new key matching the new lock. These employees will have to come to the Physical Plant facility to receive their new keys.

If a key is damaged and no longer works:

  1. Notify Physical Plant by using the key request form.
  2. Submit the damaged key with the key request form to Physical Plant.
  3. The process for getting a new key will be the same as listed above.


Department Charges - New Requests

Employee Charges - Lost / Not Returned keys

Other costs may be charged by Physical Plant if it becomes necessary to change locks or any lock hardware. These charges will be made at the discretion of Physical Plant.

Any questions on the key policy or key request form should be directed to Physical Plant at 257-3267.


Key Fobs will be issued to employees and/or students by the department that the employee and/or student is employed by.  Each department that issues a key fob is responsible for having a written departmental key fob policy.  The departments will also be responsible for utilizing the fob software system to monitor the following information:  who the fob was issued to, the date the fob was issued, when the fob was or should be returned, and what the fob will access.