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Policy 4220 - Emergency Procedures

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Environmental Health And Safety

Reference: Board of Supervisors (Rules) - University of Louisiana System

The following section is provided for use in those first few stressful moments when an emergency situation is perceived and one must make an immediate response to it. The following information is brief and limited to the situation confronted. Follow-up procedures may be required and can be found in the Louisiana Tech University Safety Manual.

  1. Emergency Phone Numbers
    • POLICE: 4018
    • FIRE: 9-911
    • AMBULANCE: 9-911
  2. Accidents and Injuries

    The following is a guide to assist someone confronted with an accident or injury on campus. The term “accident” shall be defined as any unforseen incident during which a person or persons sustain physical injuries. The term “injury” includes any physical trauma incurred during the accident.

    1. Notify University Police at 4018.
    2. If an ambulance is required, call 9-911 (to connect to the Lincoln Parish 911 system).
      Be prepared to tell University Police:
      1. Nature of the emergency
      2. Exact location of the victim
      3. Your name and >address
      4. Do not hang up until advised that it is all right to do so.
    3. If possible, ask the person or persons involved to describe what happened. Do not fix blame or find fault; just get the facts.
    4. Survey the accident scene for information. Assemble any objects that might have contributed to the accident. 
    5. Determine if there were any witnesses to the accident and get their accounts of the incident. 
    6. Take whatever steps are necessary to prevent recurrences until the condition can be permanently corrected. 
    7. Complete the Accident Investigation Form. (See Policy 4201 for form and instructions.)

All accidents, including those occurring to non-employees, should be investigated by the supervisor responsible for the area in which the accident occurred. “Near misses” are accidents also and should be investigated as thoroughly as an accident that results in injury or property damage.

When an employee is injured, the employer must complete the Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Disease form. (Five-part forms are available from the Personnel Office.)

AFTER ACQUIRING NECESSARY MEDICAL AID FOR INJURED PERSONS, the supervisor should follow these steps in investigating the accident:

Fire and/or Explosions

The following is a guide to assist anyone involved with or witnessing a fire and/or explosion on the Louisiana Tech University campus. The purpose is to protect human life and property.


  1. Notify and/or remove all persons in immediate danger.
  2. Pull the Fire Alarm. The alarm system will automatically notify University Police.
  3. Without endangering yourself or others, attempt to extinguish a minor fire.


Fires in laboratories may involve toxic vapors and fumes. If you suspect a potentially dangerous situation, evacuate the area immediately.

  1. If the fire does not extinguish, or if you feel the fire cannot be extinguished
    1. EXIT the building, close door behind you,
    2. USE the nearest stairwell,
    3. DO NOTuse the elevator.
  2. Call University Police at 4018 as soon as possible. Be prepared to tell:
    1. Location of incident
    2. Any injuries
    3. The current situation
    4. Your name.
  3. Remain in the vicinity to assist response personnel.