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Policy 5207 - Purchase Requisitions are not to be Artificially Divided

Revision Date: 8/27/2010

Responsible Office: Purchasing Officer

Reference: LRS 39:1551; BJ 2010-16; LRS 38:2181-2320

In accordance with Executive Order BJ 2010-16, any procurement not exceeding the amount established by executive order of the Governor may be made in accordance with small purchase procedures prescribed by such executive order, except that procurement requirements shall not be artificially divided so as to constitute a small purchase under this section.

In other words, a department cannot submit two or more requisitions to the same vendor or similar vendors in order to avoid the formal solicitation of competitive sealed bids.

Artificial division of purchases can be outlined as follows:

Individual departments will be held accountable to the Legislative Auditors for violations of these regulations.

The Purchasing Department will attempt to enforce these regulations by combining requisitions it interprets in possible violation of the Executive Order. If requisitions are combined by the Purchasing Department, the necessary bids will be solicited unquestioned, unless the requisition is accompanied by a suitable explanation for dividing a purchase.

In a few cases, there are daily or weekly recurrences of small noncompetitive purchases necessary to perform unanticipated remedial maintenance.

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