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Policy 5209 - Requisitioning Items for Purchase

Revision Date: 8/27/2010

Responsible Office: Purchasing Officer

Reference: BJ 2010-16


Any item or combination of items whose total value exceeds $5,000 and is not exempt from bidding must be sent to the required number of vendors for quotations or bids. Requisition must contain a numerical list of desired items with complete specifications. A vendor list should be attached with an estimated total price indicated. It is not necessary to list individual prices.

Exempt items may be purchased without a competitive bid. If there is not a current documentation of price and order information, a quotation will be requested from the specified vendor.


Items that are on State Contract can be purchased by listing the item, contract number and vendor on the requisition. Contact Purchasing for help in determining this information. The website for Louisiana Office of State Purchasing is: http://doa.louisiana.gov/osp/osp.htm


When a check is required, current documentation of price and order information must be attached to the requisitions. A check can be returned to the department for mailing if requested.

A "mail to" address should be included when items are to be sent directly to the department.

Memberships, conference fees, registration fees, deposits, airline tickets, etc., must include the information of WHO, WHAT, WHERE, AND WHEN.


Invoices are paid on a requisition when a purchase order was not issued prior to the receipt of the goods. These requisitions are referred to as a Direct Charge and must have the invoice number, invoice date, and the items listed on the invoice. ONLY ORIGINAL INVOICES made to LOUISIANA TECH UNIVERSITY will be processed. Packing slips, acknowledgments, copies, or statements will not be accepted.

These requisitions will be processed as a DIRECT CHARGE and sent directly to the Comptroller's Office for payment. A Purchase order will not be typed, therefore, the department will not receive the "pink copy" for these charges.


Check to Accompany Order (CTAO) is also used when an invoice does not exist, in cases such as honorariums and professional services. The Professional Services form or contract is used for documentation of price. Stipends are sent directly to the Comptroller's Office and are not processed through Purchasing.


The Purchasing Office normally will reject requisitions and petty cash tickets when:

  1. The items are not relevant to the effective operation of the University and do not benefit the State of Louisiana.
  2. The requisition is not typed in at least a 10 pitch.
  3. Statement, packing slip, or acknowledgment is attached rather than an invoice.
  4. The invoice is not an original.
  5. The attached invoice is made out to an individual. Invoices must read Louisiana Tech University or Department of ______. Receipts for reimbursement on petty cash can, however, be made out to an individual.
  6. The reimbursements are for prospective employees. (Check with the Comptroller for correct procedures.)
  7. The forms have insufficient information, such as:
    1. Required signatures
    2. Required attachments (meal forms, professional services, travel authorizations, specifications)
    3. Incomplete specifications.
  8. Insufficient funds, incorrect or incomplete code.


For travel, honorariums, lodging, prospect's expense, workshops, stipends, and professional services, the following information must be included on the requisition.

WHEN: Dates

WHERE: Places

WHAT: Project or purpose

WHO: List of people involved


A W9 Form for the payee must also be on file in the Comptroller's Office.

Requisitions must have the following forms attached when applicable:

  1. Authorization Form - Professional Services - Consultant - Honorarium

    Requisitions for professional services (5070 code) must have the completed form attached as well as the individual's social security number or federal identification number and the complete address.

  2. Contract

    When the payment for a professional service exceeds $2,000 a copy of the completed formal contract is required.

  3. Supplemental information for food

    An approved form must be attached to any requisition for food or meals.

  4. Travel Authorization Form

A copy of the APPROVED travel authorization form must be attached to any requisition for travel related expenses, including but not limited to, registration fees, lodging costs, deposits and reservations.


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