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Policy 5216 - Purchasing Card (LaCarte)

Revision Date: 2/14/2017

Responsible Office: Purchasing Office

Reference: State Procurement Office


Louisiana Tech University has entered into an agreement with the State of Louisiana and Bank of America that provides qualified employees with a Visa Purchasing Card to purchase low cost materials and services. Using the Purchasing Card benefits the University and its vendors through:

The Purchasing Card will provide the University with a system which is efficient, flexible, and convenient for departments purchasing goods and services directly from vendors for transactions up to $5,000. The Purchasing Card simplifies the way in which departments may order small dollar goods and services from vendors that accept the Visa credit card.  Multiple purchases may be made with the Purchasing Card for contract purchases, each day, up to but not exceeding $5,000 per contract.  Purchases from contract vendors must be for each contract’s specific approved contract items.   

The Purchasing Card program is designed to delegate the authority and capability to purchase small dollar items directly to the end user or department. Use of the Card will enable cardholders to purchase non-restricted items directly from vendors without the issuance of a requisition or a purchase order.

As a State agency, Louisiana Tech University is bound by the State Purchasing Card Policy, State Statutes, State Executive Orders, PPM49, and Federal regulations and laws. To ensure compliance with these requirements, cardholders must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the application and cardholder agreement. The policies in the application and agreement, as well as any revisions by the Purchasing Department, pertaining to the program must be followed when using the Purchasing Card.


Implementation Procedure

The Office of Purchasing is responsible for the implementation and administration of the purchasing card.  To ensure that purchasing card utilization is used in adherence with University budget, accounting and audit policies, the Office of Purchasing will coordinate purchasing card management with the Office of Comptroller, University Research and Office of Internal Audit.

 No Purchasing Card shall be issued to any Program Administrator, CBA Administrator or auditor or any other roles associated with administering, monitoring or reviewing the activities of the Purchasing Card Program.  No Purchasing Card shall be issued to any non-state employee.

The Office of Purchasing has developed and will maintain an application form that contains the following information:


In most cases, Cardholders may have only one card.  When the cardholder reviews transactions each month, the cardholder will assign University account and budget object code for each transaction.  Grant purchases and other University fund purchases should not be made on the same card.

In case of grants administered by University Research, University Research will serve as approver.

All cardholders must have a reviewer that is at least one level of authority higher than the cardholder.

No cardholder can be their own reviewer.

The Office of Human Resources will receive notification of adverse Internal Audit findings and document in Personnel Files findings in accordance with Civil Service regulations and policies of the University of Louisiana System.

The Office of Human Resources will ensure that the Office of Purchasing is notified of the separation of any cardholder from University employment.  If employee is separated from service before the card is collected, Purchasing will immediately cancel the card and notify the immediate supervisor and/or University Research to ensure that all transactions are documented in WORKS Workflow system.

Process in Obtaining Purchasing card

  1. Employee must take and pass with a minimum of 90% the State of Louisiana on-line test.  Evidence of completion must be printed by employee and submitted with an application form.
  2. Employee’s direct supervisor must review and approve the application (supervisor must have completed on-line exam and passed with a minimum of 90%).  Supervisor will route the form through all offices on the routing form.  (Approving authority in Office of Comptroller and University Research must have passed the State exam with a minimum score of 90%).
  3. Employee requesting a purchasing card must complete and sign State of Louisiana Cardholder agreement form.  The cardholder application will not be processed unless the cardholder approver form has been completed and the approver has passed the on-line exam with a 90% score.  Completed application form will be kept on file in the Office of Purchasing for 3 fiscal years.
    1. Signed cardholder approver forms and proof of passing the on-line exam are kept on file in the Office of Purchasing for three fiscal years.
    2. The purchasing card program administrator agreement form will be completed by the Director of Purchasing and maintained with other cardholder information.  A copy with proof of passing the on-line exam will be sent to the President and the Director of Internal Audit.
  4. The Office of Purchasing will receive and issue purchasing cards and maintain a database that includes the card application, date card is received, date card is issued and date card is returned by cardholder.

Monthly Review Process