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Policy 6302 - Faculty Sponsorship of Student Organizations

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002 

Responsible Office: Student Affairs

Each student organization must have a designated faculty advisor throughout the school year in order to function as a unit. This advisor must be registered in the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Advancement. One (1) University representative is required to be in attendance at functions on campus sponsored by student organizations (student parties, dances, or other social activities). The representative may be a member of the University faculty or administrative staff, employed by the University, who has voluntarily agreed to work with the student organization as provided in the organization's constitution. The advisor should be free to act separately from the agent of the University. It is also the individual responsibility of the faculty advisor to abide by and to assist in ensuring that all of the members of the organization abide by University, State, and local laws. The behavior of a faculty advisor as related to the student organization is subject to review by the University's Student Organization Committee.