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Policy 7101 - Introduction and Organization

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Office of Research and Innovation


Sponsored programs are those programs of the University which are financed in whole or part by a funding agency external to the University; these include research grants, continuing education programs, and equipment grants. The University encourages its faculty and staff members to undertake sponsored research and other projects as a means of enriching their scholarly competence and offering modern instructional programs to both graduate and undergraduate students. These projects are further encouraged as a means of providing valuable public services.

Research sponsored both by the University and by external funding agencies is an integral part of the academic program. It is felt that all faculty members of Louisiana Tech should be engaged in some manner of professional activity and that every effort should be made to ensure that interested individuals are allowed time to engage in some research effort. It is the policy of the University to allow the individual the freedom to initiate the kind and quantity of research he/she is competent to undertake.


Each academic College has a Director of Research and may have additional staff to expedite the research efforts. It is the purpose of the College Research Director to aid faculty members in the pursuit of their research interests, especially in the acquisition of funds for sponsored research.

The Research Council recommends policies and procedures for research and other sponsored programs. The official statement of purpose of the Research Council is

...to coordinate the research activities of the University, to strengthen interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research, to serve as a vehicle for discussion of problems involving the administration of research projects and grants, to recommend to the University administration policies concerning research and other sponsored programs, and to foster, stimulate, and advance the research effort of Louisiana Tech University.

The Office of Sponsored Projects has a dual responsibility. The first responsibility is to encourage, facilitate, and assist faculty members in their search and application for funds to support their research. Second, the Office of Sponsored Projects is responsible for assisting Project Directors in complying with the complex and often contradictory requirements of Federal and State laws and regulations and University policies and procedures regarding research and sponsored programs.

The Business Manager is responsible for financial and business matters relating to sponsored programs such as contractual negotiations and financial reports as required by funding agencies. The Comptroller is responsible for the accounting of all sponsored project funds. It is the responsibility of the Research Contracts Administrator to ensure that all expenditures are appropriate and consistent with the policies of the funding agency, the academic College, and the University. Questions regarding the accounting for sponsored project funds may be directed to the Office of Sponsored Projects.