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Policy 7116 - Biosafety and Radionuclide Institutional Review Committee

Revision Date:  4/9/2008  

Original Effective Date:  3/13/2002  

Responsible Office:  Vice President for Research and Development

Louisiana Tech seeks to ensure that all hazards associated with teaching and research be identified, monitored, and controlled. All research and instruction activities involving genetic material are to adhere to the NIH guidelines and other applicable federal and state requirements and must be conducted with appropriate safeguards against environmental release and for the protection of institutional personnel. Purchases, use, and disposal of radioactive material must also meet appropriate guidelines. All research and instructional projects involving genetic, biohazardous, and radioactive materials must be submitted for review and approval by the Biosafety and Radionuclide Institutional Review Committee before the activity is initiated. Periodic reviews may be conducted during the implementation of the activity.

Biosafety and Radionuclide Institutional Review Committee (BRIRC) Annual Renewal Review Form (.doc format) 
Application for Use of Biohazardous Agents or Radionuclides (.doc format)