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Policies & Procedures

Recently Revised and New University Policies and Procedures

Manual of Policies and Procedures - Revisions by Section (1/1/17 to Present)

The Louisiana Tech University Policies and Procedures Manual is maintained by the Office of Internal Audit.

1000: General Administration

Change: New policy created to provide guidance on the usage of drones on campus.

Change: New policy providing guidance about free speech on campus.

Change: Added "or his/her designee." 

Change: Revised organizational charts.

Change: Clarification of possession of firearms. 

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2000: Academic Affairs

Change:  References revision to Policy 2219 - Commencement.

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3000: University Advancement

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4000: Administrative Services

Change: Added active shooter procedures.

Change: Added active shooter procedures.

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5000: Financial Services

Change: Updated information in the policy with revisions from Governor's Executive Order.

Change: Updated information in the policy with revisions from Governor's Executive Order.

Change: Added Requirement #6.

Change: Updated title change listings.

Change: Updated index of new locations. 

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6000: Student Affairs

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7000: Research and Development

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