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Student Recruiters

Student Recruiters are your first "student" connection to the campus when you visit. They are responsible for giving weekly campus tours and assisting with campus visit programs such as Time Out for Tech and Legacy Day.  If you would like to find out more about this organization please contact Megan Carrigee, Student Recruiter Director, at 318-257-3036 or carrigee@latech.edu



“Student Recruiters is a service organization to Louisiana Tech University which is comprised of knowledgeable and sincere students who are dedicated to the sole purpose of recruiting prospective students and providing them the best possible image of this University through means of campus tours, recruiting fairs, and Time Out for Tech.

“To be an organization on Louisiana Tech’s campus that is well-rounded and well respected by the Tech family and promotes student life and campus activities. We are charged to present ourselves in a professional manner, to respect others as we would like to be respected, to be on time, and develop new committed members, who share in this mission.

“Finally, we promise that for the rest of our time at Louisiana Tech and for the rest of our lives as a Tech alumnus, we will promote the University to anyone we meet, focusing on the positive, and the benefits this school has to offer.  We promise to choose our attitude, make their day, be there, and play when we possibly can, whether giving tours or at meetings.”


2014 Officers

President: Madison Bottoms

Vice President: Lane Robertson

Secretary: Abbie King

Fundraising Chairperson: Leslie Brister