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Academic Renewal Policy

Undergraduate students who have dropped out or have been suspended because of poor academic performance may request to start over with the status of an entering freshman at Louisiana Tech University under the provisions of academic renewal.
The following conditions apply:

1.      At least three consecutive calendar years must elapse between the end of the quarter 
         in which the student was last registered for credit at any college or university and 
         being enrolled under academic renewal.

2.     The student must submit a written application for academic renewal to the Academic
        Renewal Subcommittee of the Enrollment Management Council, Louisiana Tech
        University, P.O. Box 3178, Ruston, LA 71272.  This application must be received by 
        the subcommittee by the end of the official last class day of the first quarter of 
        attendance at Louisiana Tech. It should also indicate any circumstances which have
        changed since the last enrollment that would support a reasonable expectation of
        the candidate's academic success.

3.     The Academic Renewal Subcommittee will review the application and determine
        the candidate's eligibility for renewal prior to the end of the student's first quarter
        of enrollment at Louisiana Tech University.

4.     No prior academic credit carries forward as part of a degree program;
        however, the prior record remains a visible part of the students transcript.

5.     If granted, the date of academic renewal is entered upon the transcript along with
        the statement prohibiting use of previously earned credits and quality points to meet
        degree requirements, to compute grade point average leading toward undergraduate
        certificates or degrees, or to determine graduation status.

6.     Upon being granted academic renewal, the student has status as entering freshman
        with no credits attempted, no quality points earned, and no prior suspensions.

7.     A student demonstrating competency in a given area may be allowed advanced
        standing (without credit) or a waiver of requirements just as any entering freshman.
        Credit examinations may be taken for courses in which grades of "C" or higher were

8.     Academic renewal may be granted to a person only once, regardless of institutions

9.     Students are cautioned that many undergraduate professional curricula and graduate
        and professional schools compute the undergraduate grade point average over all 
        hours attempted when considering applications for admission.

10.    Transfer students who have previously been granted academic renewal will use the
         application procedure described above for consideration of transfer renewal.

11.    Academic renewal does not pertain to accumulated Financial Aid History.
        Accumulated quarter and award limits include all quarters of enrollment.

                                                                                           Effective, Fall, 1998