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FAA Knowledge Testing Information

The Department of Professional Aviation offers FAA computer knowledge tests to Tech students multiple times during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. The required registration form is available below. Return the completed form to the Professional Aviation Office (PAVB 320) by 9:30AM on the day preceding the testing date. Limit of 10 students per day.

Knowledge Test Registration Form

To complete registration, you will need the following:

  • Credit Card (Note: This is the only acceptable method of payment)
  • Picture ID (Non-U.S. Citizens: Passport and 1 other form of photo ID required)
  • Proof of Eligibility (course graduation certificate, logbook endorsement, etc.)
  • Failed or Expired knowledge test report (if applicable)

Test Dates: Fall Quarter 2014faa knowledge testing lab

Wednesday, September 24th - 2:00PM

Wednesday, October 15th - 2:00PM

Wednesday, November 5th - 2:00PM

Monday, November 10th - 2:00PM

Wednesday, November 12th - 2:00PM