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Writing Center Policies

General Policies

  1. Writing Center consultants do not edit or proofread student essays. Consultants work with students to help the students become better editors themselves.

  2. Students must bring in their own essays, not someone else’s.

  3. Students must work with the consultants rather than dropping off essays for later pickup.

  4. Students should be aware that forms will be filled out detailing information on every visit, and that professors will be kept informed of the student's progress during each visit.

  5. Students should try to give enough time for revision after visiting the Writing Center (at least 24 hours before assignment is due).

Other Considerations

  1. Sessions usually consume the complete 30-minute time slot. Additional appointments may be necessary.

  2. Students are asked to take a participatory role during an appointment; refusal may be grounds for dismissal.

  3. Failure to keep a scheduled appointment may result in denial of future visits. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the Writing Center ahead of time if he or she is unable to attend a meeting.