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Faculty Awards & Recognition


Board of Regents Support Fund Endowed Chairs and Professorships


The Faculty Advising Award


The Louisiana Tech Foundation F. Jay Taylor Undergraduate Teaching Award


The University Foundation Professorship


The University Senate Chair Award


The Virgil Orr Junior Faculty Award








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The Louisiana Tech University Foundation Professorships

The Louisiana Tech University Foundation Professorship is awarded annually to a member of the tenured faculty holding the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor who has demonstrated extraordinary service and performance in the areas of teaching, research, and/or service to the campus community and the public sector. Individuals are nominated without their knowledge by one or more of their peers. Nomination are reviewed by a panel consisting of two persons appointed by the faculty Senate (but not members of the Faculty Senate), one person from the Student Government Association, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and one person selected by the Board of Directors of the University Foundation. The award is presented by the President of the University Foundation at the spring commencement.

Individual Awarded: Jim Nelson
Department: Civil Engineering
Year: 2010

Individual Awarded: William Green
Department: Agricultural Sciences
Year: 2009

Individual Awarded: David Mills
Department: Biology
Year: 2008

Idividual Awarded: Donald Kaczvinsky
Department: English
Year: 2007

Individual Awarded: Kimberly Kimbell-Lopez
Department: Curriculum, Instruction and Leadership
Year: 2006

Individual Awarded: Ray Anthony Inman
Department: Management & Information Systems
Year: 2005

Individual Awarded: Jenna Carpenter
Department: Mathematics & Statistics
Year: 2004

Individual Awarded: Robert Jungman
Department: English
Year: 2003

Individual Awarded: Bala Ramachandran
Department: Chemistry
Year: 2002

Individual Awarded: Abraham M. Attrep
Department: History
Year: 2001

Individual Awarded: Clarice J. Dans
Department: Speech
Year: 2000

Individual Awarded: Mark D. Gibson
Department: Forestry
Year: 1999

Individual Awarded: Marion Earl Council
Department: Electrical Engineering
Year: 1998

Individual Awarded: James D. Lowther
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Year: 1997

Individual Awarded: Robert J. Berguson
Department: Art
Year: 1996

Individual Awarded: Leslie K. Guice
Department: Civil Engineering
Year: 1995

Individual Awarded: Dennis E. Minor
Department: English
Year: 1994

Individual Awarded: Wiley W. Hilburn, Jr
Department: Journalism
Year: 1993

Individual Awarded: Donald H. Wells
Department: Behavioral Sciences
Year: 1992

Individual Awarded: Carolyn F. Talton
Department: Teacher Education
Year: 1991

Individual Awarded: Tom S. Sale
Department: Economics and Finance
Year: 1990

Individual Awarded: Shirley P. Reagan
Department: Human Ecology
Year: 1989

Individual Awarded: Edwin S. Pinkston
Department: Art
Year: 1988

Individual Awarded: Bobby E. Price
Department: Civil Engineering
Year: 1987

Individual Awarded: Frank N. Edens
Department: Economics
Year: 1986

Individual Awarded: Mark J. Miller
Department: Behavioral Sciences
Year: 1985

Individual Awarded: Kenneth W. Rea
Department: History
Year: 1984

Individual Awarded: Nancy M. Tolman
Department: Human Ecology
Year: 1983

Individual Awarded: James Robert Michael
Department: College of Adm. and Business
Year: 1982

Individual Awarded: Joe M. Pullis
Department: Office Administration
Year: 1981

Individual Awarded: William Y. Thompson
Department: History
Year: 1980

Individual Awarded: Randall F. Barron
Department: Electrical Engineering
Year: 1979

Individual Awarded: Jeanne M. Gilley
Department: Human Ecology
Year: 1978

Individual Awarded: Jack T. Painter
Department: Civil Engineering
Year: 1977