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A new training model for today's workforce

Louisiana Tech University understands the critical need for ongoing employee development in today's global marketplace. Our professional and workforce development team offers you a full range of programs and services.

Our team works with business and industry to design training solutions using the ADDIE model, the most basic training tool used by professional trainers and educators.  The ADDIE model is basically a generic, systematic, method used by instructional designers, developers, and trainers that can be applied to any kind of learning solution, no matter what industry.

In the Division of Continuing Education, we implement the ADDIE model because of its emphasis on analysis, the key component in a successful training program. Before developing a learning solution, we work with you to analyze your organization's needs thoroughly to ensure that the training impacts performance in a positive way. 

Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, EvaluateADDIE consists of five steps - Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. 

If your organization would like to receive a valuable industry and occupational profile, including recommended job skills for those occupations, please contact a member of our team at (318) 257-4433.  We can show you how to supplement your in-house training with customized training.  We will also help you determine if you are eligible for state grants to supplement your training.