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Manuals and Quick Guides

Quick Guides

Faculty Quick Guides (Moodle 3.0)

Faculty Quick Guide (.pdf)

The Faculty Quick Guide is a short (2 page) guide, which gives step by step instructions on how to do the basic features of Moodle. It is a brief but informative reference, which can be printed and easily kept on hand as you work with Moodle.

Gradebook Quick Guide (.pdf)

The Gradebook Quick Guide is a short (2 page) guide, which gives easy to follow instructions on how to perform the basic functions/settings in the gradebook. It is the perfect length for posting near a desk or a computer for quick reference while grading.


Student Quick Guides (Moodle 3.0)

Student Log-in Guide (.pdf)

The Student Log-in Guide is a one page guide, which addresses what is recommended in order to log in to Moodle.

Student Quick Guide (.pdf)

The Student Quick Guide is a one page guide, which covers the basics of Moodle for students in a step by step format.



These Manuals are electronic copies of the manuals used for CIT Moodle Training Sessions. Here you can download a copy to view at your convenience. 

Student Manuals (Moodle 3.0)

Student Guide to Using Moodle (.pdf)

This guide is a brief overview that attempts to introduce students to Moodle. As faculty, it would be a terrific resource to reference, email, or hand out to your class. For students who have found this link, printing this manual to review/keep will help you effectively use your Moodle. The document is only 6 pages in length.