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Moodle Instructor FAQ

● How do I get to Moodle?

○ The website address is http://moodle.latech.edu

● What is my username and password?

○ Your login information is your standard university username and password; the

same as you use for e-mail.

● I don’t know my username!

○ Search for your name in the university directory at:


● I don’t know my password!

○ Use the “Forgot Password” facility at https://password.latech.edu/. You’ll need

your Tech CWID, BOSS PIN, and your date of birth.

● Why are my courses are not showing up?

○ Enrollments occur as students and instructors are fed into the system

automatically based upon the data available from the registrar’s office. Students

could be missing for several reasons, including some type of record hold (fees,

missing paperwork, etc). Some times students end up with more than one

username. Instructors missing are usually a result of the assignments not being

updated with the registrar. Timely updates of instructor assignments with the registrar

is essential to assuring access to courses for instructors.