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Board of Regents Moodle Webinar Resources


Resources, including recordings and handouts from the Board of Regents Moodle Webinar sessions, are available below.


Moodle Session 1 (May 5): Moodle Overview

Recording of Moodle Overview Session

Moodle "How To" Handout:

How to Edit Your Profile in Moodle (.pdf)


Moodle Session 2 (May 12): Adding Resources in Moodle

Recording of Adding Resources to Moodle Session

Moodle "How To" Handouts:

How To Create a File Directory (.pdf)

How To Insert a Label (.pdf)

How to Create a Web Page in Moodle (.pdf)

How to Insert an Image in Moodle (.pdf)

How to Move Documents from Blackboard to Moodle (.pdf)

Use "This" To Do "This" in Moodle (.pdf)

Moodle "How To" Videos:

Inserting a Label and Inserting an Image (.wmv)

How to Upload Files (.wmv)


Moodle Session 3 (May 19): Assignments and Discussion Forums

Recording of Assignments and Discussion Forums

Moodle "How To" Handouts:

How To Create Assignments in Moodle (.pdf)

How To Insert an Image in a Forumn (.pdf)

Types of Forums (.pdf)


Moodle Session 4 (May 26): Moodle Gradebook

Recording of Moodle Gradebook

Moodle "How To" Handouts:

Grading Strategies (.pdf)

Exporting and Importing Grades (.pdf)


Moodle Session 5 (June 2): Creating an Exam

Recording of Creating an Exam

Creating an Exam Powerpoint

Moodle "How To" Handouts

Creating an Exam (.pdf)


Moodle Session 6 (June 16): The Moodle Administrator Role

Recording of The Moodle Administrator Role

Moodle Administrator Role Powerpoint (.pptx)

**NOTE: On slide 23, in batch upload of users,the field names are listed in Excel, and had to be combined using the formula, but the result is separated with a comma, NOT a question mark (as mentioned).**


Moodle Session 7 (June 23): Preparing Your Students to Moodle

Recording of Preparing Your Students to Moodle

Preparing Your Students to Moodle Powerpoint (.pptx)

Student Guides:**

How to Login (.pdf)

Editing Your Profile (.pdf)

How to Submit Your Assignments to Moodle (.pdf)

How to Know Your Assignment was Submitted (.pdf)

How to Check Your Grades in Moodle (.pdf)

**NOTE: These are guides created by ULM that are available to assist you in helping your students move to using Moodle here at LA Tech. Some of the information is specific to ULM and will not be applicable to using Moodle at LATech. These handouts are for guideline purposes only.**