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Official University Colors

Color Code Index
Color Sample, Name and Pantone Code HEX Code RGB Code CMYK Code
Tech Red (official) - PMS 1797 #CB333B 203, 51, 59 2, 97, 85, 7
Tech Blue (official) - PMS 287 #003087 0, 48, 135  100, 75, 2, 18
Lady Techster Basketball ONLY - PMS 292 #69B3E7 105, 179, 231 59, 11, 0, 0

NOTE: Hex and RGB codes are used for screens (videos, web production and Power Point presentations). Use PMS spot color and CMYK codes for printing collateral material (posters, brochures, fliers, and such) and promotional specialty items. Due to newer printing methods, use these codes for a more accurate color match. Also: When viewing colors on a computer monitor please keep in mind that differences in screen resolutions and calibrations can alter colors, shades and textures.

In order to provide graphic consistency, Tech's official red and blue should conform to official colors designated by printer's ink color designations as listed above. The University Communications department is available to assist with samples and codes for these and other color options.