Publishing WWW pages for your department or organization

Louisiana Tech University departments and organizations can provide online information describing their goals, functions, facilities etc via the World Wide Web (WWW). This medium has the potential to reach people around the globe. Web pages can provide information in text, graphic, audio and even video formats.

If you are interested in publishing a WWW page for your department, you can either build the pages yourself, or provide the information to network staff who will format it for you. The do it yourself route requires knowledge of the Web as well as the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) used by the web, but will allow you to get your stuff out much more quickly. There are HTML editors available for various platforms to make the process less painful. If you wish to have the staff create the pages, there will be a delay before they appear on the net until someone has time to create them.

Whichever path you go with, you need to provide :

If this sounds like something you would like to do, contact Danny Schales (257-2893) for more information