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Welcome to the College of Education, Office of Assessment and Accreditation (OAA). Charged with collecting, organizing, and analyzing data associated with measurable outcomes and guided by the mission statements and goals of the University and the College of Education, the OAA strives to provide its stakeholders with information and expertise necessary for effective planning and decision-making. An additional function of the office is to provide services and resources connected with teacher accountability, Taskstream (a learning and assessment tool) and standardized tests such as the Praxis series. Within this website, you will find data and/or information and resources related to the following:

Unit Data

This section of the OAA site provides data, information, and reports associated with the College of Education as a collective unit. An example of what you may find is the Post Graduate Survey Annual Report.

Teacher Education Data and Reports

  • Data and reports specific to testing data, e.g., the Praxis Series of tests
  • Data and reports specific programs, e.g., teacher education programs
  • Data and reports specific programs, e.g., clinical experiences

Accrediting Agencies

Included in this area is a listing of the accrediting agencies associated with the College of Education and resources such as newsletters and updates from the specific organizations.

Praxis Academy

The Praxis Academy contains resources to assist students in gaining knowledge of the Praxis series of tests and understanding methods of test preparation  Examples of the resources are:

  • General information about the tests
  • Praxis I series - information and assistance
  • Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) series - information and assistance 
  • Praxis II content test series: information and assistance 
  • Commercial products

Taskstream Academy

The Taskstream Academy contains resources to assist students and faculty in the use of the Taskstream Learning and Assessment Tool (LAT). Examples of the resources provided:

  • Instructional guides
  • Program codes
  • Subscription process

Teacher Accountability and Initiatives

  • ACT 54
  • Common Core State Standards
  • National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ)
  • Value-added Assessment Measures

Documents and Forms

Forms used by faculty of the college to process and document specific actions.


For further information contact:

Don Schillinger, Ph.D.
College of Education Chase Bank Endowed Professor
Director: Office of Assessment & Accreditation (IT Supervision)
Associate Professor, Secondary Education (Science)
P.O. Box 3163
Woodard Hall 101C
Louisiana Tech University
Fax: 318-257-2957

The College of Education Chase Bank Endowed Professor is made available through the State of Louisiana Board of Regents Support Funds.

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