Doctor of Education Curriculum

Foundational Coursework

The Doctor of Education program is a 66 minimum credit-hour program built around three distinct concentration tracks. Each of these concentrations begins with a 12-hour common set of foundation courses that are intended to instill and promote sound research methodology in doctoral candidates.

LECF 700 Introduction to Doctoral Research Design 3 hrs
LECF 701 Applied Statistical Analyses 3 hrs
LECF 702 Evaluation Theory and Practice 3 hrs
LECF 703 Qualitative Research in Education 3 hrs
Foundation Courses: 12 hrs

Concentration Coursework

Upon completion of the foundational component of the program, candidates begin the core coursework of their chosen concentration. This consists of 24 credit-hours of concentration-specific instruction.

Education Leadership Concentration

LECL 705 Decision Making for School Improvement and Accountability 3 hrs
LECC 709 Research on Effective Teaching, Learning, and Assessment 3 hrs
LECC 710 Professional Development Design and Implementation 3 hrs
LECL 711 Advanced Theory and Research in Educational Leadership 3 hrs
LECL 712 Organization and Administration of Schools 3 hrs
LECL 713 Foundations of Human Resource Development 3 hrs
LECL 714 Law, Policy, and Ethics 3 hrs
LECL 720 Building Effective Partnerships 3 hrs
Educational Leadership Core: 24 hrs

Higher Education Administration Concentration

LECL 705 Decision Making for School Improvement and Accountability 3 hrs
EDLE 730 Higher Education and the Adult Learner 3 hrs
EDLE 731 Legal and Cultural Aspects of Higher Education 3 hrs
EDLE 732 Institutional Effectiveness and Fiscal Management 3 hrs
EDLE 733 Higher Education Governance and Administration 3 hrs
EDLE 734 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education 3 hrs
EDLE 735 Human Resources and Student Services 3 hrs
EDLE 736 Organizational Theory and Administration 3 hrs
Higher Education Administration Core: 24 hrs

Organizational Leadership Concentration

PSYC 513 Organizational Psychology 3 hrs
PSYC 523 Leadership and Decision Making 3 hrs
PSYC 604 Theories of Social Psychology 3 hrs
PSYC 610 Professional Issues and Ethics 3 hrs
PSYC 618 Motivation 3 hrs
PSYC 714 Organizational Consulting 3 hrs
PSYC 740 Teams in Organizations 3 hrs
PSYC 745 Human Performance Improvement 3 hrs
Organizational Leadership Core: 24 hrs

Elective Coursework

In addition to the foundation and core courses, candidates must complete 12 credit-hours of elective courses of which at least three hours must come from diversity-oriented courses. The Organziational Leadership concentration also requires that at least 6 hours of electives be leadership-oriented courses.

Comprehensive Exam

A written comprehensive examination must be successfully completed after the completion of all course work. Candidates will not be permitted to move on to internship or practica until the successful completion of all course work and the comprehensive examination.

Field Experiences

All three concentrations of the doctoral program have a field experiences component. This component consists of six credit-hours of intern or practicum work related to the selected core concentration.

Educational Leadership LECI 777 - Doctoral Internship 6 hrs
Higher Education Administration LECI 777 - Doctoral Internship 6 hrs
Organizational Leadership PSYCH 750 - I/O Psychology Practicum 6 hrs

Research and Dissertation

The final component of the doctoral program is dissertation research and consists LECD 778: Advanced Research Design and a minimum of 9-hours of dissertation (LECD 799: Dissertation).  All aspects of the dissertation - including the oral dissertation defense and final written revisions - must be completed and approved prior to graduation. 

LECD 778 Advanced Research Design 3 hrs
LECD 799 Doctoral Dissertation 9 hrs (minimum)

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