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Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
To provide students with the foundation in Industrial/Organizational theory and research to allow them to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform in the areas of personnel selection, personnel development, organizational assessment and organizational development.

Informational Links
The Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP): www.siop.org

The Professional Industrial Organizational Psychologist Network (PIOP): www.piop.net

A general education foundation that includes the behavioral sciences. A general psychology course and a principles of management course or equivalent managerial experience.

The following table lists the course requirements for this program:


Psychology 513 - Organizational Psychology
A survey of current research and theories comprising organizational psychology. Critical thinking skills are used to evaluate empirical research and current theories in the field.
3 hrs
Psychology 516 - Personnel Psychology
Topics covered include the professional and legal requirements for personnel selection instruments; design and evaluation of personnel selection systems, designing and conducting job analyses and selection interviews.
3 hrs
Psychology 517 - Training and Development
Provides the skills necessary to analyze, design, and evaluate training in organizations. Topics include determining training needs, task analysis, learning objectives, training methodologies, and evaluation.
3 hrs
Psychology 523 - Leadership and Decision Making
Examination of skills, behaviors, and attitudes required for effective leadership. Includes practices, decision-making, communication, and ethical issues releated to leadership.
3 hrs
Psychology 524 - Internship (website)
Supervised practice in interviewing, developing human relations skills, and field work in human relations. Prerequisit: All core I/O courses must be completed.
3 hrs
Psychology 541 - Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences
Prerequisite, Psychology 542. A study of the research methods and designs commonly used in the Behavioral Sciences. Emphasis on quantitative methodology and APA writing style.
3 hrs
Psychology 542 - Statistical Methods in Behavioral Sciences
A study of the statistical methods used to study problems in behavioral sciences.
3 hrs
Electives *
12 hrs
33 hrs

* Must be taken in counseling, psychology, or management with prior approval of advisor and department head.

In addition to completing all course requirements, students must pass a comprehensive examination at the end of the program.

A satisfactory grade point average, a satisfactory GRE score (within the past 5 years), and a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution are required. Admission may be conditional or unconditional. See http://www.latech.edu/education/graduate_studies/ for additional information.

If you plan on graduating at the conclusion of the coming quarter you must register for graduation (form) and register to take your comprehensive exam [each degree program has a specific class code (e.g., Psyc585 for I/O)]. Bring a copy of a plan of study that has the dates you attended each course and the grades you made in each course and have your advisor review it before completing the graduation registration form.

A minimum of 18 semester hours of graduate credit is required to be taken in residence.

A maximum of 9 semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred from other regionally accredited institutions, if the grades earned are "B" or better, and if the credit fulfills requirements for the MA degree. Graduate transfer credit is normally limited to work completed within the past six years. Six semester hours credit is awarded in international relations and personnel management for completion of any one of the following programs with a rating of "outstanding" or "excellent":

Air War College Non-resident Seminar Program
Air War College Correspondence Program
Air Command and Staff Non-resident Seminar Program

Three semester hours credit in international relations is awarded for completion of Air Command and Staff Correspondence Program with a rating of "satisfactory."

A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on graduate credit pursued is required for the degree. All courses pursued for graduate credit will be counted in the grade point average. Graduate status will be lost if the cumulative or quarterly grade point average falls below 3.0 for three consecutive quarters of matriculation for uncoditionally admitted students or one quarter for conditionally admitted students.

A time limit for the completion of all requirements for the master's degree has been set at 6 consecutive calendar years from the time of initial enrollment.

The plan of study must be submitted to the Graduate School prior to the end of the 1st quarter of enrollment in order to continue enrolling in classes.

If you want to print a copy of this degree program and the Plan of Study forms, download the printable version here.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print all forms available for download from this site. It is available for free download from Adobe's website.

For more information on this program, please call the Psychology Department at 318-257-4315 or Graduate Studies at 318-257-3229.

If you plan on graduating at the conclusion of the coming quarter you must register for graduation and register to take your comprehensive exam [each degree program has a specific class code (e.g., Psyc585 for I/O)]. Have your advisor review your plan of study before completing the graduation registration form.


For more information on these programs, e-mail Graduate Studies at dlee@latech.edu.