I/O Psychology Study Guides
for the Comprehensive Examination

In addition to reviewing your notes and textbooks from the courses you have taken, it may be good to know the information outlined in the following study guides.

Employment Law Overview [NEW]
Training and Development
Leadership and Decision Making
Organizational Psychology
Research Methods
Personnel   [Currently Not Avaliable]

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I/O Comp Exam
Suggested Reading List

While any basic textbook in the field of study should cover the information needed, here are a few suggestions:
Psychology 513 Organizational Psychology Aamodt
Psychology 516 Personnel Psychology Casio
Psychology 517 Training and Development Goldstein & Ford
Psychology 523 Leadership and Decision-Making Yukl
Psychology 541 Research Methods Elmes, Kantowicz, & Roediger
Psychology 542 Statistical Methods Any basic stat text

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