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I/O Doctoral Curriculum

Substantive Core: 12 credit hours:
PSYC 502 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 602 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 604 Theories of Social Psychology
PSYC 609 Personality Theory

Research Methods and Statistics, 15 credit hours:
PSYC 543 Psychometric Theory
PSYC 641 Advanced Experimental Design and Analysis
PSYC 642 Advanced Statistical Methods
PSYC 643 Multivariate Statistical Analysis
PSYC 743 Advanced Psychometric Theory

Foundations of Industrial/Organizational Psychology: 39 credit hours:
PSYC 513 Organizational Psychology
PSYC 516 Personnel Psychology
PSYC 517 Training and Development
PSYC 700 Seminar in I/O Psychology (1hr x 6)
PSYC 521 Job Analysis/Performance Appraisal
PSYC 523 Leadership and Decision Making
PSYC 618 Motivation
PSYC 745 Human Performance Improvement
PSYC 740 Teams in Organizations
PSYC 714 Organizational Consulting
PSYC 750 I/O practicum (3 hrs x 2)

Elective Concentrations: 9 hours

Nine credit hours, chosen from the following concentrations with participation by appropriate affiliated faculty in the College of Business:

Organizational Leadership Concentration:
MGMT 637 Human Resources Management*
MGMT 639 Organization Theory*
MGMT 671 Organizational Behavior*
* Requires the approval of the Head of the Management Department and the Dean of the Business School

Psychological Assessment Concentration:
PSYC 616 Intellectual Assessment
PSYC 617 Personality Assessment
PSYC 623 Integrative Assessment

Other Electives:
As an alternative to the concentrations above, students may choose three doctoral courses from Counseling Psychology, Business, Consumer Behavior/Marketing Research, Computer Science, Mathematics/Statistics, or Engineering with approval of advisor and I/O faculty.

Research: 9 credit hours