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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application deadline?
The application deadline is February 15 for admission for the following fall quarter. The fall is the only time that doctoral students enter the program.
Can I attend part-time?
This is a full-time program. No student is allowed into the program on a part-time basis.
Is your program APA accredited?
Our doctoral program in counseling psychology is accredited by the APA. APA does not accredit I/O doctoral programs.
Is this a competitive program?
Yes, students are rated on a number of factors by a faculty committee.
Can I apply for the Master's degree?
Yes, but doing so does not mean that you will be accepted into the doctoral program.
Is the Master's degree required to apply for the Ph.D. degree?
No, a master's degree is not required to begin the doctoral program.
Can I transfer graduate credits from other institutions?
Yes, students can transfer up to 12 hours of credit. All transfer credit must go through an approval process that begins with a recommendation by the I/O core faculty.
Is the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) required?
We require that students submit GRE Verbal and Quantitative scores. To learn more about scheduling the GRE, visit the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Web site at http://www.gre.org/.
Do I have to take the GRE Subject Test?
No, we do not require students to take the subject test.
The ETS requires codes to submit my GRE scores. What are the codes?
Use institution code 6372
Use department code 2008
Do my letters of recommendation have to be from professors?
While it's a good idea to include letters from professors, we are most interested in letters from people who can comment on your suitability to our program.
Is an interview required?
We invite select students to a group interview. Those students who cannot attend are given the option of a conference call with faculty.
How long will it take me to complete the doctoral program?
While coursework in the I/O program can be completed in three years, students will often take an additional year or two to complete their dissertation and optional internship.
Is there any minority assistance available?
The Graduate School provides students with information on applying for fellowships.
Is there any assistance for international students?
International Student Office (ISO): http://iso.latech.edu/.