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Tuition Exchange (TE) Guidelines

Tuition Exchange (TE) was chartered in 1954 as a nonprofit corporation which promotes and monitors exchange scholarships for faculty and staff dependents at participating colleges and universities. Over 600 colleges and universities from forty-seven states, the District of Columbia and three countries participate in the TE program.

The Tuition Exchange Program provides the opportunity for eligible dependents to receive undergraduate scholarships at the one of the member institutions (hereafter referred to as the host institution).  The TE Program is a scholarship, not a fringe benefit provided by Louisiana Tech University.

Acceptance into the TE Program will be for first baccalaureate degrees only. Participants for graduate study, non-degree studies or second undergraduate degrees will not be considered.  Participation in the program will generally be for four (4) successive years of education (that is, twelve quarters, eight semesters or the equivalent) as long as the student is enrolled and in good academic standing at the host institution.  Any eligible dependent not currently utilizing the TE Program is eligible to apply at any point during their undergraduate studies for the upcoming fall term.


Certification of eligibility does not guarantee acceptance at the host institution or assure acceptance into the TE Program.


In most cases, the scholarship value matches tuition at the host institution but does not include room, board, special fees, or any non-tuition expenses.  However, because of the substantial range of tuition for member institutions, Tuition Exchange has developed a policy which attempts to address perceived inequities. Under this policy, high-tuition colleges and universities are permitted to award less than full tuition but not less than an amount established each year by the TE Board of Directors.  These "minimum values" for TE scholarships are based on analysis of tuition at all member institutions and are announced a year in advanced. This information is posted on the TE website.

Families are also encouraged to check with each potential host institution regarding their TE guidelines because each host institution determines its own TE policies.


A TE Scholarship will cover four successive undergraduate years, but Tuition Exchange has the right to limit the number of students or years of eligibility to new incoming or outgoing students if the number of incoming students is not in balance with the number of students in the TE Program going to other colleges and universities.  TE would also have the right to reduce the number of colleges available in the program.  Eligibility must be recertified each year.  Host institutions have the right to terminate TE scholarships if students do not meet clearly articulated standards of academic performance or personal conduct.  These limitations or restrictions will be clearly stated on the Certification Form that will be provided to you by the host institution if you are approved for a TE Scholarship.


The eligibility of each student applying for a TE scholarship must be certified by the TE Liaison Officer (at Louisiana Tech that is currently the Dean of Enrollment Management) based on the Application to Participate in Tuition Exchange (TE) Program for Louisiana Tech University Employee Dependents.  This application can be obtained in the Enrollment Management Office or downloaded from the University's website. The application can be completed as early as September 1 of the year preceding the anticipated college matriculation but not later than January 5.  Again, you are encouraged to check with each host institution to which you are applying for information about their application deadlines and procedures.

In the event that the number of qualified dependent children of Louisiana Tech employees exceeds the available openings into the Program, employee selection will be determined by a weighted lottery system as follows:


Notification of acceptance into the TE Program will begin February 1.  All selected participants are encouraged to respond to the Tuition Exchange program acceptance in writing as soon as possible but no later than May 1.  Those students not accepted into the TE Program will be placed on a TE waiting list and will be notified as soon as possible after May 1, if an opening becomes available.

You will be notified separately by the host institutions to which you applied if you are approved for a TE Scholarship from that college/university.  The conditions for accepting the award will be clearly stated on the Certification Form that will be provided to you by the host institution.


For Additional information about Louisiana Tech's program, please contact:

Jordan Hearn

Office of Financial Aid

P O Box 7925, Ruston, LA  71272

Phone: (318) 257-2641

Email:  jhearn@latech.edu

Website: http://www.latech.edu

 Additional information about the Tuition Exchange program in general can be found on the TE website at: http://www.tuitionexchange.org/