Closing an Account or Lost Cards


Closing an Account

Account balances will be carried forward each quarter until a student graduates or resigns from the University.  A $10.00 processing fee will be deducted from the account balance to close the account.  A check for the remaining balance will be issued and mailed within twenty days.  Cash may not be withdrawn from the Tech Express account at any time. 

Reporting a Lost Card

Since the Tech Express card is used like cash, it is crucial that a lost card be reported immediately to the Tech Express Office or the University Police.  A hold will be placed on the lost card to prevent misuse by other individuals.  A replacement card may be obtained in the Tech Express Office for a $10.00 charge.  The Tech Express account is nontransferable and use is restricted to the individual pictured on the I.D. card.  No individual will be authorized use of another student's Tech Express account.  Improper use of the account is subject to judicial action and considered a serious violation by the University.

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