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Financial Aid Glossary


TOPS recipients with less than full-time enrollment

TOPS requires a memo (per student) on letterhead from the student’s advisor or department head for the following conditions:

  1. If a student is graduating during a specified quarter and has less than 8 hours remaining to graduate, then that student must get a memo (on letter head) from his/her advisor. This memo must state the student’s name, ID#, intended graduation quarter and the #of hours the student must take during the specified quarter in order to complete degree program requirements.
  2. If a student has two quarters remaining until graduation and only certain classes are offered each quarter and NO OTHER classes are required or available during each quarter, a memo is also required. The memo is to read similarly to the afore mentioned, however this memo must also state that no other classes are available or offered during said quarter to complete the degree program requirements.

These memo’s must be specific as to which quarter/academic year the student is going to graduate and that the classes being taken are all that remain to graduate.

The TOPS Coordinator will then code the student as ELIGIBLE for PART-TIME TOPS payment. The student will only be paid TOPS money which equals the charge for enrolled hours (plus TOPS stipend – if any exists). The paid amount will not exceed the TOPS maximum payment for his/her level.

If the student does not supply the required memo by the last day of DROP/ADD for that quarter, they will not be paid TOPS as they will be considered ineligible at less than full-time enrollment.

Please send all memos relating to TOPS to the attention of: 

Scholarship Coordinator
Division of Student Financial Aid