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FSA's Student Loan Ombudsman's Office

An ombudsman resolves disputes from a neutral, independent viewpoint. The Federal Student Aid (FSA) Ombudsman will informally conduct impartial fact-finding about your complaints. They will recommend solutions, but don't have the authority to reverse decisions. They will also work to bring about changes that will help prevent future problems for other student loan borrowers. This free service is provided by the US Department of Education.

Via e-mail:  fsaombudsmanoffice@ed.gov

Via on-line assistance:  http://www.ombudsman.ed.gov

Via telephone:  877-557-2575 (toll-free) or 202-377-3800

Via fax:  202-275-0549

Via mail:   U.S. Department of Education
    FSA Ombudsman
    830 First Street, N.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20202-5144