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Financial Aid Glossary


Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy:
Maximum Aggregate Hours Attempted

Maximum hours attempted are considered when determining financial aid eligibility. These hours are considered even if financial aid was not received while attempting them. Regardless of where the hours were attempted, Louisiana Tech University standards apply. The general rule for maximum hours is 150% of the hours required for the program of study in which the student is currently enrolled. Students lose eligibility for future quarters and future award years as soon as it is clear that a student will not graduate within this period.

To determine the maximum allowable hours for a specific program of study (major), refer to the University Catalog, note the total hours required for the program, and multiply that figure by 1.5. Students in Non-degree, Developmental, and "Pre" Programs are allowed to attempt a maximum of 60 hours. Students requiring more hours to complete their program of study may appeal for additional quarter(s) of federal aid eligibility.

Maximum Aggregate Hours   = Total Hours Required for Degree Program   X   1.5


Maximum Aggregate Hour Calculator