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The Lady of the Mist

The Lady of the MistOne of the most beloved landmarks of the Louisiana Tech Campus is the Lady of the Mist, a sculpture in the midst of a fountain in the quadrangle. In 1938, the Lady was funded by the campus's young Panhellenic System - the sororities on campus. The sculpture was strategically placed to welcome all to the campus as through the columns that stand north of Prescott Memorial Library, which served as Tech's main entrance. The statue was the brainchild of two distinguished faculty members of Louisiana Tech - Mary Moffett and Elizabeth Bethea. The inscription on the Lady states that she symbolizes "Alma Mater," welcoming new students and bidding farewell to graduates. She symbolizes a hope that Tech graduates will fulfill their ambitions and their highest callings.


Alma Mater by John P. Graham

Students singing the Alma MaterO Tech, thy halls so beautiful,
Thy pleasant walks, thy noble trees,
That charmed me in my college days,
Are ever dear to me.

Louisiana Tech I love thee,
My Alma Mater, My Alma Mater,
I will ever loyal be
To thee, my Alma Mater.

Those old Tech days, those joyful days,
So cherished in my memory,
Though days of toil, in many ways
Were happy days and free.

Performed by the Band of Pride (1999) under the direction of Jim Robken




Louisiana Tech Fight Song by James Alvey Smith

Bulldog FootballFight! Fight! Fight! For ole red and blue!
Show your might and we'll root for you!

Get on your toes when you meet your foes,
And don't let them break through!


Hit those lines like good ole canines!
Break through for a touchdown or two!

Hold up your chin and let's all go in
To win for the red and blue!

Performed by the Band of Pride (1999) under the direction of Jim Robken