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EDCI 489C - Introduction to the Global Campus

Course Information

Topical Outline



Course Description

This is an online course developed for faculty who are new to the Global_Campus and online teaching. It will provide resources and skills needed to develop and teach a student-centered eLearning course effectively through the Global_Campus. Lessons are developed around competencies vital for all eLearning educators.

Since this course is for professional development of faculty, some instructional components (graded assignments, quizzes, etc.) normally found in an online class will not be included in this course.

Rapid advancements and change describe the field of eLearning. Technology innovations coupled with a global society make the Tech Global_Campus an effective tool for increasing enrollment. In order to keep pace with the advancements and technology, we will examine a number of topics needed for today's faculty.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this professional development course you should be able to:

  1. Analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate a course to be taught online.
  2. Identify essential components of an effective online course.
  3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of software and technology needed in facilitating an online course.
  4. Identify and select resources needed to continue lifelong eLearning.

Course Materials

This course is being made available online and no materials are required. I suggest that you have access to Adobe Acrobat, Camtasia Studio, SnagIt, and a web development program (Dreamweaver, FrontPage, SeaMonkey, etc.).

Course Requirements

There are seven modules in this course. Faculty should follow guided instruction in each module. Upon completion of each module, instructions are provided for self-assessment and how completion of the module is to be indicated to the course facilitator.

Grading and Credit

This course is graded using the pass/fail system and you will receive three credit hours for the course instead of the originally announced one. Faculty enrolled in the course will provide self-assessment after satisfactorily completing each module. This will be communicated to the course facilitator by means indicated at the end of the module.

How This Web Course Works

  1. There are seven modules to complete during this course.

  2. When you go to each module, you are to begin with the learning objectives for the lesson. This is your guide as to what you should learn upon completion of the module.

  3. The instructional activities serve as resources for each module. One of the benefits of taking a course online is the opportunity to experience a variety of materials found on the Internet. For some of the materials, you will need to have the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

  4. Read the assignments at the end of each lesson.

  5. At times, some assignments and other materials may need to be completed and either emailed or faxed to Dr. Smith.