Module 4 :

Instructional Design

Learning Objectives:

Review the Instructional Design process.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of Instructional Design.
Identify the five components of Instructional Design.
Develop a course using ADDIE.
Determine the quality of your course using QM..


Section 1 - Instructional Design

Transitioning to the Online Classroom - Designing your first online class can be an incredible daunting task.
Review the Instructional Design Knowledge Base by Dr. Ndabbagh (I received written permission from her to link to this website).
Review the Presentation file I developed several years ago that introduces you to Instructional Design.
blue pinExcellent website on Principles of Online Design with practices and examples.
Read the information found at Instructional Design for eLearning: Everything you always wanted to know about getting started."
The Illinois Online Network has articles on; Principles of Instructional Design, Designing an Effective Course, Models and Theories, Helping Others Make Their Courses Great, and Course Objectives. Review these articles.
Read eLearn Magazine's Instructional Design for Flow in Online Teaching.
Michigan State University has some excellent information on course structure: Typical Course Components,  Goals and Objectives,  Page Design, Course Enhancement, Student Assessment, Evaluating Your Course, Using Communication,  Pedagogy (many people think this is content, but it is not), and Enhancement.    
Designing Effective and Innovative Courses is a tutorial which is extremely valuable. Use the entire tutorial or a portion of the course.
GUIDE FOR CREATING YOUR ONLINE COURSE - your course SHOULD include all 3-point Essential Standards and earn 72 points.

Section 2 - Building Quality

Building a Learner Centered Syllabus by Kristina Kauffman is an excellent website.
Review Using Quality Matters to Guide Online Course Developement.
Read more about Quality Matters. Don't miss the QM rubric.
What does a high quality online course look like?

Using the QM rubric from Section 3, review your online course and determine the total score.
I recommend that you print each of the above instructional activities and place them in a three-ring binder under the heading Module 4. This will provide access should the hyperlinks change or if you prefer to highlight sections for later review.
Assessment - once you have reviewed, become familiar with, and completed each section of the instructional activities, e-mail,, the following "I have successfully completed Module 4." Be sure you enter your name in case you are not using your La Tech e-mail address. Thanks, James Smith.

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