Module 5 :

Assessment & Evaluation

Learning Objectives:

Demonstrate a working knowledge of appropriate assessment and evaluation strategies for online learning.
Identify the Six Levels of Learning..
Develop an evaluation Rubric.
Determine how to prevent cheating in online learning.


Section 1 - Assessment & Assignment

Review the PowerPoint Quizzing, Testing, and Homework On the Internet from ION.
Review assessment and evaluation strategies for Teaching Excellence at the Penn State Schreyer Institute. Also check out the Learning Assessment & Rubrics at the Penn State World Campus.
Read the information found at Online Testing: Best Practice from the Field. Provided by the North Carolina Conference of English Instructors.
The Illinois Online Network has articles on; Sample Test Questions - Six Levels of Learning, Understanding Rubrics, How Dale Maeder Grades Participation in His Online Courses, and Virgil Varvel discusses the principles of rubrics in a Pointer and Clicker Article.

Section 2 - Grading, Plagiarism, and Cheating

Read the information and watch the movie demo about Respondus. Is this a tool you would use?
Read more about Turnitin Research Resources.
Go through the Prentice Hall tutorial What is this plagiarism tutorial all about, anyway?
Read Strategies to Minimize Cheating Online from ION.
This Adobe Acrobat article from Utah State University discusses Tips, Tricks, and How to Prevent Cheating in Distance Education.


I recommend that you print each of the above instructional activities and place them in a three-ring binder under the heading Module 5. This will provide access should the hyperlinks change or if you prefer to highlight sections for later review.
Assessment - once you have reviewed, become familiar with, and completed each section of the instructional activities, e-mail,, the following "I have successfully completed Module 5." Be sure you enter your name in case you are not using your La Tech e-mail address. Thanks, James Smith.

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