Module 6 :

Intellectual Property

Learning Objectives:

Define intellectual property, copyright, public domain, Fair Use, and TEACH Act
Identify when to apply Fair Use and TEACH Act
Develop a plan for determining your online classes meet copyright standards


Section 1 - What is it?

Review What is Intellectual Property?
Read the information found at the United States Copyright Office on Copyright Basics.
When do works pass into the Public Domain.

Section 2 - TEACH Act and Fair Use

The University of Texas has the most comprehensive website regarding the TEACH Act (Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002).
Review the comparison and additions that the TEACH Act provided by Laura Gasaway at UNC.
Prior to the TEACH Act of 2002, most educational use of copyrighted materials referred to Fair Use in the classroom. Be sure to review Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials from UT.


I recommend that you print each of the above instructional activities and place them in a three-ring binder under the heading Module 6. This will provide access should the hyperlinks change or if you prefer to highlight sections for later review.
Assessment - once you have reviewed, become familiar with, and completed each section of the instructional activities, e-mail,, the following "I have successfully completed Module 6." Be sure you enter your name in case you are not using your La Tech e-mail address. Thanks, James Smith.

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