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Scholarships and Fellowships

Graduate School applicants interested in applying for a scholarship should contact the individual college that administers the degree program.  Individual colleges are responsible for determining eligibility criteria, awarding of the scholarship, and monitoring student progress towards degree completion.  Some colleges or graduate programs require separate assistantship applications in addition to the general Graduate application for assistantship funding.  Students are encouraged to contact individual colleges or specific departments for any special requirements to apply for funding.

Students must first be admitted to a graduate degree program before applying for a scholarship.  Only upon recommendation by the college would a graduate student become eligible to apply for a fellowship.  Funding is limited and the awarding of a scholarship or fellowship is highly competitive.

College of Applied & Natural Sciences
 (318) 257-4287

College of Business (318) 257-4528

College of Education (318) 257-2794

College of Engineering & Science (318) 257-4314

College of Liberal Arts (318) 257-2660



Some disciplines offer graduate assistantships.  Funding is limited, and assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis.  Those applicants interested in applying for a graduate assistantship should indicate their interest by marking "Yes" when completing an application for a degree program.  Please review Policy 2310 for more information on graduate assistantships and guidelines.  As a state-assisted university, Louisiana Tech has no funds available for scholarships or other financial assistance for students from other countries.


Residency Status

The residency status of an applicant or student is determined in accordance with the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors regulations, and is based upon evidence provided in the application for admission and related documents.  Residence status may not be acquired by an applicant or student while residing in Louisiana for the primary purpose of attending school.  Students should consult the University Catalog for current  state regulations governing residency status.

Residence status, for fee purposes only, will be granted to non-resident graduate students registered for three semester hours or less in any session, or all non-resident students enrolled in up to six semester hours of graduate or undergraduate courses offered through web-based or other electronic instruction, when domiciled outside of the state of Louisiana and not enrolled in any other courses at the university.

Bulldog Out-of-State waivers  are available only to undergraduate students. 


Contact Us

Applicants can obtain additional information from the Graduate School Admissions Office by email at gschool@latech.edu  or by telephone at 318/257-2924, and documents may be faxed to the Graduate School at 318/257-4487.  International applicants may contact the International Student Office by email at iso@latech.edu or by telephone at 318/257-4321.

Scholarship applications with all supporting documentation should be mailed to the College administering the degree program.  

Assistantship applications with all supporting documentation should be mailed to the Graduate School, Louisiana Tech University, P. O. Box 7923, 1203 Wyly Tower, 1310 W. Railroad Avenue, Ruston, LA  71272 USA. 

International students that need to mail items to the ISO may send them to the International Student Office, Louisiana Tech University, P. O. Box 3037, Ruston, LA  71272 USA.