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Winter 2011 Classes

Honors Program Schedule Winter 2010-2011


HNRS 103-H01: Foundations: Ancient Civilization

MW 2-3:50 Dr. B. Magee (Equivalents: English 101, 102 or History 101)


HNRS 104-H01: Foundations of Medieval Renaissance

TR 10-11:50 Dr. J. Hankins Focus: “From Superstition to Science.” The medieval world was full of images and omens that affected European lives; this course will examine how scientific inquiry challenged these and sometimes incorporated them  (Equivalents: English 101, 102 210, or History 102). NOTE: This class will include the annual trip to Subiaco Abbey.


HNRS 203: H01: Foundations of Modern Civilization

TR 2:00-3:50 Dr. R. Simmons Focus: "Jane Eyre to James Bond - Individualism and Isolation." The course will focus on individualism and isolation as a quality manifested in both literary characters and the authors who created them. (Equivalents: English 102 or 211 or History 102 as needed)


HNRS 203: H02: Foundations of Modern Civilization

MWF 8:00-9:15 Dr. D. Robbins Focus: "Heroes and Villains." The course will explore the thin line that often separates heroes from villains in texts such as The Hobbit, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Lord of the Flies, and Heart of Darkness. (Equivalents:English 102 or 211 or History 102 as needed)


HNRS 204: Foundations: American Civilization

TR 12:00 -1:50 Dr. R. Rudnicki Focus: "Into the Wild." The course will focus on readings that somehow have to negotiate with the American landscape and wilderness--from early explorers to Thoreau to naturalists like Jack London and Hemingway. (Equivalents: English 102 or 212 or History 201 or 202 as needed)


HNRS 112-H11: Foundations of Behavioral Thought

TR 2:00-3:50, Dr. J. McDaniel (Equivalent: Psychology 102)


HNRS 114-H11: Foundations of Geographic Thought

MWF 11:00-12:15 Dr. T. Mack (Equivalent Geography 205)


HNRS 212-H11: Foundations of Political Thought

MWF 12:30-1:15, Dr. J. Mhire (Equivalent: Political Science 201)


MUGN 290-H11: Honors Music Appreciation

MWF 8:00 - 9:15 Dr. S. Moegle (Equivalent: Music Appreciation)


HNRS 377: Foundations of Public Rhetoric

MWF 9;30-10:45, K. Merritt (Equivalents: Speech 110 or 377)


HNRS 450-H01/BISC 535: “Oil” Environmental Science (1 hr)

F 9:30-10:45, Dr. J. Yule

This interdisciplinary seminar will address the biological and environmental science effects and implications of human uses of oil and oil-based resources and technologies.


ENGR 121-H11: Engineering Problem Solving II

TR 8:00-9:50, Dr. S. Cronk


ENGR 121-H12: Engineering Problem Solving II

TR 2:00-3:50, Dr. D. Hall


ENGR 121-H13: Engineering Problem Solving II

MW 2:00-3:50, Dr. M. Swanbom


BUSN 420 - Career Preparation

T 4:00-5:50, D. Inman (Honors Credit with Approval)

BUSN 420 is a career preparation seminar that ALL business majors are required to take before graduating. To earn Honors credit for this course see Dr. Simmons for details. Open to business majors only.


ENGL 450 - Career Preparation and Capstone

W 2:00-3:50, Dr. R. Simmons (Honors Credit with Approval)

English 450 is a career preparation seminar and English capstone course that ALL English  majors are required to take before graduating. To earn Honors credit for this course see Dr. Simmons for details.