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Louisiana Tech University adheres to the equal opportunity provisions of federal and civil rights laws, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or disability. The Title IX Coordinator is Carrie Flournoy, President’s Office, P.O. Box 3168; phone (318) 257-3785; e-mail flournoy@latech.edu.




 Dr. Rick Simmons

Program Director



Dr. Rick Simmons, George K. Anding Endowed Professor of English, is the Director of the Honors Program. His research credentials include the books Factory Lives: Four 19th-Century Working-Class Autobiographies (Broadview, 2007), Defending South Carolina's Coast: The Civil War from Georgetown to Little River (The History Press, 2009), Hidden History of the Grand Strand (The History Press, 2010), and more than thirty additional publications. He was the recipient of both the University Senate Chair Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service in 2004 and the Louisiana Tech Foundation F. Jay Taylor Teaching Award in 2005. 


Active Honors Faculty, 2012-2013


andersonDr. David Anderson


BA, MA UNLV; Ph.D. University of North Carolina(2002)

Graduate Faculty






Dr. Kelly Crittenden

Mechanical Engineering

BS, PhD Louisiana Tech University (2003)

Graduate Faculty





cronkDr. Stanley R. Cronk

Industrial Engineering

BS, Ph.D. Louisiana Tech University (2001)

Graduate Faculty






Dr. John Francis

Economics & Finance

BA, University of Illinois; MA, PhD, Michigan State University (2006)

Graduate Faculty





hallDr. David E. Hall

Mechanical Engineering

BS Louisiana Tech University; MS, PhD Georgia Institute of Technology (1995)

Graduate Faculty.





hankinsDr. Jeffery R. Hankins


BA, University of Texas; MA Texas State University; PhD, Louisiana State University (2004)

Graduate Faculty.





Dr. Davis Harbour

Electrical Engineering

BS, MS, University of Oklahoma; PhD, University of Arkansas






Dr. Donald P. Kaczvinsky


BA, Providence College; MA,University of Virginia; PhD, Penn State University (1990)

Graduate Faculty





Dr. Celia Lewis


BA, University of Texas-Austin; MA, University of Paris-La Sorbonne; PhD, Baylor University (2001)

Graduate Faculty






Dr. Taylor E. Mack

Social Sciences

BS, MS, University of Kansas, PhD, Louisiana State University (2006)







Dr. Bruce Magee

Foreign Languages and English

BA, Louisiana Tech University; MDiv, ThD, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; PhD, Louisiana State University (1998)

Graduate Faculty







Kevin Merritt


BA, Western Washington University; MA, Oklahoma State University (1997)






Dr. Steele Moegle


BM, MM, Middle Tennessee State University; DMA, Univeristy of Colorado at Boulder (2000)





Dr. James D. Nelson

Civil Engineering

BS, MS, Louisiana Tech University; PhD, Colorado State Univesity, P.E. (1980)

Graduate Faculty





Dr. Jason Pigg

Social Sciences

BS, University of Iowa; PhD The Ohio State University (2000)







Dr. Dorothy Robbins


BA, Oklahoma City U; MA (Communication) University of Oklahoma; MA, University of South Dakota; PhD, University of Nebraska (2000)

Graduate Faculty 




rudDr. Robert W. Rudnicki


BA, Centenary College; MA, PhD Texas A&M (2000)

Graduate Faculty





csCherrie Sciro

Speech/Theatre; Coordinator of Theater

BA, MFA, Louisiana Tech University (1992)

Graduate Faculty







Dr. Tilman Sheets

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences

BS, Louisiana State University at Shreveport; MS, University of Southern Mississippi; PhD, University of Southern Mississippi (2003)

Graduate Faculty






Dr. Laurie S. Stoff


BA, George Washington University; MA, PhD, University of Kansas (2006)

Graduate Faculty





Dr. Michael Swanbom

Mechanical Engineering

BS, LeTourneau University; MS, Louisiana Tech University; Ph.D. Louisiana Tech (2006)