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Louisiana Tech University adheres to the equal opportunity provisions of federal and civil rights laws, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status or disability. The Title IX Coordinator is Carrie Flournoy, President’s Office, P.O. Box 3168; phone (318) 257-3785; e-mail flournoy@latech.edu.



Spring 2011 Classes

HNRS 103-H01: Foundations of Ancient Civilization

TR 8:00-9:50, GTM 123A, Dr. B. Magee (Counts as English 101 or 102, or History 101)


HNRS 112-H11: Foundations of Behavioral Thought

TR 10:00-11:50, Dr. J. McDaniel (Equivalent: Psychology 102)


HNRS 203-H01: Foundations of Modern Civilization

TR 2:00-3:50, GTM 123A, Dr. D. Kaczvinsky. “Focus: Self and Society from Descartes to Foucault.” Built on the Great Books courses found at private liberal arts colleges, this is the classic Honors Foundations course as originally designed. (Counts as English 102 or 211 or History 102)


HNRS 204-HO1: Foundations of American Civilization

MW 2:00-3:50, GTM 123A, Dr. D. Anderson. Focus: “From Hell to Paradise: Visions of the American Dream” The focus is on films and readings—from the nineteenth-century utopian novel to the 1970s trash horror classic, The Stepford Wives—that alternately view the United States as a prison that stifles individual dreams of success or as a paradise that allows such dreams to flourish. (Counts as English 102 or 212 or History 201 or 202)


HNRS 211-H01: Foundations of Microeconomic Thought

TR 2:00-3:50, BUS 214, Dr. A. Darrat (Counts as Economics 202 – a 3 hour social and behavioral credit)


HNRS 225-H01: Mathematics and Effective Thinking

MWF 11:00-12:15, BH 325, Dr. M. Swanbom and Dr. B. Camp. An Honors math course to take the place of math 112 or 125. It isn’t harder or higher math, rather a second math course for students who need just 6 hours of general education math credits, and no higher math. Preq: Math 101. (Counts as Math 112 or 125)


HNRS 292-H01: Honors Art Appreciation

MWF 9:30-10:45, VAC 103, Dr. S. Zalesch. (Counts as Art Appreciation 290, a 3 hour fine arts credit)


HNRS 303-H01: Honors Technical Writing

MW 2:00-3:50, GTM 209, C. Lyles. The Honors version of this class will introduce students to written communication practices used in the workplace through exploring information, document, web, and graphic design. (Counts as English 303)


HNRS 363-H01: Honors Technical and Scientific Presentations

MWF 11-12:15, GTM 123A, C. Strebeck. The Honors version of this class will include innovative pre-employment exercises, an exercise with the use of at least two types of visual elements, and a desktop electronic presentation. (Counts as English 363)


HNRS 377-H01: Foundations of Public Rhetoric

TR 12:00-1:50, GTM 123A, K. Merritt. (Counts as Speech 377 or 110)


HNRS 489-H01: Women in Latin American History

MW 4:00-5:50, GTM 123A, Dr. S. Webre. (Can be used for an upper-level history course or to satisfy 3 hours of liberal arts GER requirements)


HNRS 489-H02: Crime, Violence, and Justice in America

TR 10:00-11:50, GTM 123A, Dr. G. Stokely. (Can be used for an upper-level sociology course or to satisfy 3 hours of social sciences GER requirements)


BUSN 420 – For Honors

BUSN 420 is a career preparation seminar that ALL business majors are required to take before graduating. Yet with little additional effort, business students can receive Honors credit for this course. See Dr. Simmons for details. Open to business majors only.


Engineering Problem Solving – Three sections of this class will be offered in the spring:

ENGR 122-H11: TR 10:00-11:50, Dr. D. Hall

ENGR 122-H12: TR 2:00-3:50, Dr. Cronk

ENGR 122-H13: TR 12:00-1:50, Dr. M. Swanbom

(Open to engineering students only - register for these classes through engineering.)