Learning Experiences

Photograph of a school bus parked in front of the Louisiana Tech Student Center while it is snowing.

Are you looking for a fun and exciting field trip? If so, we invite you to come visit the IDEA Place. For nearly 15 years the IDEA Place has provided a stimulating atmosphere for young, developing minds, and does so without breaking your budget.

Not only does the IDEA Place meet the intellectual needs of your students; we make your life easier too! At the IDEA Place, we are happy to customize our field trips in such a way to supplement current classroom instruction and to align your visit with specific grade-level expectations (GLE) or other applicable rubrics and requirements. We only ask that you give us at least a one-week minimum notice such that we can acquire supplies and "tweak" these interesting experiments.   

Generally, we recommend planning your trip well in advance such that you can synchronize your classroom instruction with your IDEA Place visit. Please be aware that the closer you wait to your lesson to schedule your visit, the greater the likelihood that your chosen date will be unavailable.

Please contact us or call the IDEA Place at 318-257-2866 for more information.