What We Do

As NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) explores frontiers of science, math, and technology, it seeks to assist teachers and students in exploring these areas as well. Through a broad dissemination network, NASA provides educational materials, information, services, and other resources to our nation's classrooms. The Educator Resource Center at LA Tech University is a part of this network that serves formal educators (public school teachers, librarians, school administrators), pre-service education majors, and informal educators (homeschool parents, etc.). Please contact us if you have questions about NASA and its mission or need NASA-related classroom materials such as lesson plans, pictures, videos, or computer software.

Through the Educator Resource Center Network, NASA provides the expertise and necessary facilities to help educators access and utilize science, mathematics, technology, and geography instructional products. All of these products are aligned with national standards and appropriate state frameworks and are based on NASA’s unique mission and results. ERCs also partner with local, state, and regional educational organizations to become part of the systemic education reform initiatives in the state.